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In Case of Rain!

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In Case of Rain!

    Being a photographer, you are always paying attention to detail. So when it comes to toys, I'm still looking carefully at toys and trying to find something that I haven;t seen before.. This is related both to finding new toys (old or antique of course!), and interesting details that I also haven't seen before.
I've very fortune to have the opportunity to write about toys from many different source, and one I especially like to write about is Bertoia Auctions. This is a family-run business, and since I started to write about other peoples' or auctioneers listings, the Bertoia family  has helped me front that first time.

   I've started to post about their September 19- 20, 2014 auction. I found their listings on Liveauctioneers, and I'm sure their whole entire catalogue will be up for viewing on their website soon. This item is # 473 listed on the September 19, 2014 portion of the auction. I chose this item of the first 500 items, but there are still so many toys that I haven't seen before and that I will have to write about!

The Tourer, as this car was called at the time is an exceptional antique toy. It has a wind-up mechanism to allow it to move, and a nickel handbrake to the right of the driver that links to the right rear plate that rests on the rear tire.

The Tourer is was hand painted, and has remarkable detailing representing the authentic automobile of that era. The embossed seats are beautiful to look at, and there are small red buttons that would have held the richly-piled leather in place. Notice also the bolstering and how it's different in the front (shaped like the letter "m", compared with the back set (the letter "c").

Then there are the nickel parts such as the lamps (as the headlights were called back then), and the handbrake as I mentioned before.

But the "piece-de-resistance", a French expression which simply means exceptional or outstanding,
is the grey item that appears to the right rear of the passenger seat - the umbrella stand! 

If you didn't read the description that Bertoia Auctions write or that I elaborated on, you'll certain see that grey holed vertical item just about the rear fender.

That's the umbrella stand - "in case of rain".

Being a writer of a blog, you always have to remember to finish the story or article and make sure everything makes sense or ties in together. Naturally, I waited until the end to match up the toy part with the title of this post

There just isn't enough time in the day to write about all of the fine toys that I keep discovering!

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