Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Lionel Pre-War Automobile Race Car Set

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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A Lionel Pre-War 
Automobile Race Car Set

   I'm always elated to discover something new in the old toy world, so when I saw a headline description titles "Lionel Race Car", I was ecstatic! Lionel started out in 1900,went through some financial problem in the mid-later 1950's, and still continues to engine along. Seeing the words "Lionel Race Car" is an oxymoron to me. The discovery that Lionel would have manufactured a race car set complete with tracks was fantastic. What's also interesting is that these sets are in high demand. Ever more interesting is that in the 1990's the Lionel Corporation came out with their "Classic" return of this fine set for a short period. These are not as valuable, and if you like "Classic old", you can find these periodically on ebay and at auction.

 The one thing that I didn't see  in all of the sets today is the transformer.
I'm sure that the set came with one, or perhaps, the set would be an accompaniment to a regular Lionel model train set.  
I'll have to check this out!

What's interesting to note on these cars are the double tanks behind the seat. Notice that each have their own cap and have 2 straps each to hold down the tanks. I'm thinking that they were modelled after real cars that used to participate inn those long cross-country races a long time ago.

2 words to describe these toys - Well Made!!!!
Do they still make toys like this in 2014?

I kept seeing the orange and maroon colours on most of the Lionel race car sets that I found,and then AI saw this one. The third colour appears to be a deep blue.  

Don't ask me why, but I'm always asking questions! 
I had a question come to mind  and had to search out the answer. 
When was corrugated cardboard invented?

Of course, Wikipedia would have the answer, and here it is below:

"Corrugated (also called pleated) paper was patented in England in 1856, and used as a liner for tall hats, but corrugated boxboard was not patented and used as a shipping material until December 20, 1871. The patent was issued to Albert Jones of New York City for single-sided (single-face) corrugated board.[14] Jones used the corrugated board for wrapping bottles and glass lantern chimneys. The first machine for producing large quantities of corrugated board was built in 1874 by G. Smyth, and in the same year Oliver Long improved upon Jones's design by inventing corrugated board with liner sheets on both sides.[15] This was corrugated cardboard as we know it today."*

When the real races in the real cars occurred, there would be an accompanying navigator who would read the maps and guide the driver. That's why there are 2 people in the car.

It's interesting that the Lionel Corporation (as they are called now),reintroduced this fine set  in the 1990's. These can be found at much lower prices that the originals, and they would still be fun to play with.

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