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Beautiful American Riding Toys

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Beautiful American Riding Toys

  I wasn't expecting to see a September auction  for September, but as the expression goes "Time Marches On". I was enthusiastically amazed at Bertoia Auctions listings for this great auction. The auction is not yet up at the  Bertoia Auctions website, so when you click below their logo, you will be redirected to Liveauctioneers.

   When I looked at all of the fine items for sale, I couldn't believe how many new "discovered" that I had not yet seen before. I didm;t know where to start or what to present for today. I finally ended up with the larger-sized ride and pull toys. These toys were made for a young child to sit on and push or move with his/her feet. The toys also came with a handle, so a parent or child could also pull the rider sitting on the seat of the toy.

Above is the "world's Greatest Circus"  riding toy made about 1934. It's an exceptional piece because of the fabulous designs of circus animals on the outside, as well as the cages and animals that would be inside.

 The Buddy 'L' truck below is probably from the mid or later 1930's. The reason that I say this is because of the more-modern truck design, as well as having the design appearing very similar to the other Buddy 'L' truck presented here today. If you look closely, you can see that the side name on the hood is "international", a "real"truck that is still made today

Below is  beautifully restored Keystone Chemical Pump Engine.For those who don't know, a chemical  pumper would use chemicals instead of water to put out a fire. THis is identical to today's portable small hand-held fire extinguishers that are used for certain types of fires where water can't extinguish the fire. An example might be any oil fire.

There is a nice bell (brass), and a siren at the front of the truck.
If you look at the truck and compare it the the one above, you can see that it's an older model. The easiest way to know this is by the fact that there is no roof on this truck cab ,where the driver and passengers would be.

Finally, here's an exceptional item that is labelled "old store stock". What this means is that this item was never sold, and sat inside a store for many years, until eventually the merchandise was sold. This old store stock is  similar to the  Meccano sets that I purchased from a friend who had found them in a Salvation Army store. It is from there that I started my blog, some 825 posts ago!

This is another  "International" truck . What's also great for a child who would have had one of these is the piston that allowed the dumpster to tilt ever so slowly.The tailgate would also tilt open, and whatever "load" was in the truck could be dumped out. If the load was too heavy to be dumped solely by the piston, there is a lever to the left and slightly behind the driver's door.

I'll be posting several times about the exceptional toys that I have seen for this upcoming auction.
And if you have the time, please visit the 2 websites under the Bertoia Auctions logo. If you like old and antique toys, you will be plenty occupied with all the great items that you will see there!

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