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Monday, July 8, 2014
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I was playing around with a feature on Pook & Pook Inc. last week. For those who don;t know, Zoomify is a software that allows merchants to have their viewers enlarge parts of their items that are up for sale or auction. Where I came to "play around", was what I had been thinking. What if I enlarged my screen on my computer (a 27" iMac) and at the same time used Zoomify at the same time? So I decided to try this out early this morning and see what the results would be.

This is the normal view when looking at an auction item on the Pook & Pook Inc. website

Here's a screen-capture of the Zoomify software being used.
The size of the screen-capture is 6.39 MB, which is quite large.My normal screen capture for any image is usually about 600 KB. What I then do is resize the image to 144 dpi, which is better when viewing in the magnified mode of Blogger.

Because the Zoomify  enlarges so much, you only get to see small parts of the whole picture.
HWhat I did below was to show you 2 parts of the donkey that I screen captured, then attached them together.

Here are the combined 2 images. 
When you examine the photo in the slide mode of Blogger, you will see the beauty of the small details of this fine wood toy.

By the way, the toy is called a "pull toy". It was meant to have a string or cord attached to it, and to be pulled along behind the child.

 The image above is at its maximum enlargement in Zoomify.
The # 1 arrow illustrates the actual magnification area being enlarged.
The # 2 arrow are the functions to move, rotate, enlarge or reduce the size of the image.
You can;t see the whole image enlarged, because the image would not fit on your computer screen.
What I did was to take 2 screen-captures and join them together.

Now you have an enlarged view idea of the coach.

Here's a partial enlargement of the largest magnification possible in Zoomify.
Just look at the wonderful braided tails on these 2 horses.
Don't forget that you can view this image in the Blogger slide mode.

It's amazing how toys like this were once made by hand!

The age of the toy was not mentioned in the description of this toy. I am assuming that it us in fact "old".  But if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I like detail, and the ability too see the detail.

Notice the long coat of the driver, his hat with the red band, and those white boot coverings.
The small child next to him is also interesting.
Notice the large-sized white shirt collar around the boy's neck,and the long hair. 
The child reminds me of William Shakespeare portraits.

I assume that this couple are passengers and perhaps the parents of the child next to the driver of the coach. Look at the wrinkles in the left arm of the  the male passenger! 

Love that detail!

I decided to leave this image straightforward (no white background effect).
The hand painted detail with the human touch shows! 
The black rings of the large wheels are not 100%, and I like the brush strokes on the stagecoach doors!

Sometimes, as that famous expression goes, "you have to stop and small the roses",
That simple means to slow down and take in the scenery and the beauty around you.

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

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