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The Lindstrom Corp. Toy Company

   Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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The Lindstrom Corp. Toy Company

Lindstrom Tool & Toy Co.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1913-early 1940s (resumed production after WWII).
Produced (mechanical) toys, games and phonographs made of pressed-steel and tin. Also produced an amusement-park type model: the "Doodle Bug" bumper 
* Description Courtesy of Mr. Harmjan Heeling

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This "Skeeter Bug" toy is modelled after the bumper cars that one used to see at carnivals and amusement parks. You would ride on a large platform with many other people, and occasionally would "bump" into them. The "bumps" were mild so there was never any danger. I remember riding on them as an adolescent here in Montreal. They were at a part called "belmont Park" on the north side of Montreal Island.

The Lindstrom Corp. made a nice variety of lithographed wind-up toys 
with lots of colourful designs to them.  They were made quite well, as you can see, and many of the mechanical wind-up mechanisms still work.

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