Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Walbert Toy Manufacturing Company

Sunday, July 6, 2014
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The Walbert Manufacturing Company

   I came across a nice old tin ferryboat on ebay today, but decided to check Liveauctioneers to see if I could use any of my sources that allow me to use their photos.  Bertoia Auctions appeared and fortunately had sold another Walbert toy. 

Brief History

The Walbert Manufacturing Company was founded by Mr. Walther Huth. I found the 2 toys below that were made under the Walbert name. Wolverine, another toy company, purchased the design and manufacturing rights of all the Walbert toys in 1927.

I always like old packaging and graphics on boxes that accompany old toys. 

The interesting aspect of the Walbert toy is the fact that when the centre circular plate is hit, 
the ship "splits" into 2, as if to simulate its sinking. 

Certainly, this has been one of my shorter posts,
but at least I now have a record of the Walbert Toy Manufacturing Company.

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Ryan Cote said...

Those were some interesting days in the manufacturing industry and production of toys. Amazing how much both have changed since then.

toysearcher said...

Hello Ryan,

It's so true. Of course current technology has helped lower the cost of manufacturing, and some technology (die cast) had improved by leaps and bounds. But looking back, it's amazing how toys were made so much by hand, and still survive today.

Bruce Whitehill said...

I have one game by Walbert: Pitch-Em-Winks, The Table Horse Shoe Game, Walbert Mfg. Co., Chicago; 2 1/2 “ sq. Photos on my website,, or contact me through the site.

toysearcher said...

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for writing.
you have a great website.
I'll try and contact you through your blog site.

Stacey Bindman

toysearcher said...

Hi Again Bruce,

I couldn't create an account to write to you 9through Wordpress, I presume).
Therefore, I'm writing here to ask for your permission to use your photos
and descriptions in order to write a posit about you and your great blog.