Friday, July 18, 2014

Some Very Rare Dent Wreckers

Friday, July 18, 2014
       Sunny, windy and warm

Some Very Rare Dent Wreckers

   Yesterday started out well. I went to Tim Horton's for my regular low fat muffin and coffee, then proceeded to my small piece of city land to water my vegetables. AS I left the parking lot, I looked left, then right, then was going to turn left. There was an SUV parked to my right (or so I though),so I proceeded to turn left. As I'm doing this the SUV moves, and I honk frantically to warn him that he's going to hit my car! Honk, honk,honk, crunch!

   I was very mad, then later calmed down. The man was older than I (like I'm a youngster at 65), so we exchanged information, and I proceeded to file the incident with the insurance company.  The file claims lady then informed me where I could get my car repaired, and I went there. Needless to say, you know what was on my mind for today's post. Anyway, at least both I and the other driver were OK.

I added this nice Terraplane to today's post, even though it's not that rare. It's based a the real Terraplane that was around in the 1930's.

ALthough this Dent wrecker is described as "a previously unseen version of a wrecker by Dent",
it didn't receive  the final gavel price at the last one on today's post.

The one below yielded a high price at the final gavel knock on the wood base of the auctioneer.
However, this one again, didn't yield as much as the final one.

I had some trouble  trying to get the colour accurate was possible. I'll work at it on the weekend. I would have thought that the factory model (aboveA) would be more valuable than the one below. Then again, auctions at different times, with different people, and different times of year all have their own dynamics. 

The one below was item # 977 and was auctioned off on March 27, 2014.
You can see the final price below by clicking on the link.

THe item had been estimated to yield a final price of $ 2000.00 -$ 2500.00 US

Fortunately, my car was easily drivable and I didn't need a wrecker.
I do prefer calling these items tow trucks- but in the world of toys and way back in time they were called……….

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Bob Walden said...

Well, there went a full Sunday afternoon looking at the auction toys and prices!! So many great toys!! Easy to imagine getting most any of them under the tree at Christmas!! Instead of a pile of Transformers and Lego's that will easily be lost or forgotten! I still remember the Christmas a got a tin gas station under the tree!

toysearcher said...

Hi Bob,

Thank's for the comment.

I still remember my Meccano set, Lionel train set, amateur carpentry set, chemistry set, and of course comics and the "Classics" ( the abridged and illustrated versions of famous literary books for those who didn't want to read).

Of course that's how it was when we were kids,and today's kids are different and so are the times.

Is it better?

It's all relative as to when you were a kid.