Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Famous Truck Made into the Most Toy Trucks of the 20's-30's

Thursday, July 10,2014
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The Famous Truck Made Into 
the Most Toys of the 1920's-1930's

   I always like those expressions that you never seem to know what they mean. "You can't see the forest from the trees" or"stop and smell the roses". So perhaps when I've been writing so much each day, this might apply to me. I've always written about the toy, and even titled the toy, but hardly ever do I write about the company that the toy was modelled after.

   The first Mack ®  truck was built in 1900 by 3 brothers - Jack, Gus, and William Mack. It was a mere 24 horsepower bus thick transported 13 people. The bus was named "Manhattan", and carried sightseers around Brooklyn's Prospect Part, for 8 years and racked up 1,000,000 miles (1,660,000 km) before it was retired.As a result, the reputation of this famous company was thereupon established!*


A 1916 Mack® Truck

    I've sent out requests to the Mack® Truck  Company, but if anyone has photos of 1910-1930 Mack®, would you please share them with us.  What interesting in the drawing above is that the truck was chain driven. You can see the chain on the right side of the truck attached to the middle wheel. Toy can also see the famous hood design of the early period. THe vertical shark gill design had not yet been designed for this 1916 truck.

   I'm starting out today with the earlier Tootsietoys and you can see the hood design, and the open air cab (no windshield or windows on the doors in an enclosed cabin). I'm also using a very reliable source for the Tootsietoys - the Lloyd Ralston Gallery.

A page from an early Tootsietoy catalogue 

The accompanying page of the one above.
This page describes the actual toys

I've made this page a  normal-sized pag (large) for you to see it
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If you look closely at the rear left  side of the trucks, you will see the chain-driven mechanism.

Of course, any collectible, especially toys are more valuable with their original boxes that came with them. As you know, I also like that old graphic design and type from those "olden days". 

What's great about Tootsietoys is that they are within the reach of most people to collect them. There are plenty around, but of course, the most rare runs will definitely cost you. But if you want a small grouping, you can certainly have them. These are one of my favourite toys because they're so old, and yet still so much fun to photograph, and to play with, even at 65 years old!

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Bob Walden said...

You hit a soft spot. Always on the lookout for a C cab stake truck at the auctions we go to.

toysearcher said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks as always for the comment.
In this case, I learned what a C cab stake truck is - I think!

I think the "C"comes from the backward letter "C" on each side of the truck where the driver and passenger are.

There's always something to learn.

Thanks again,

Bob Walden said...

Yep! If you every get a chance to see any of the old "Untouchable" tv shows you'll most likely see a C cab.