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The Rare and Magnificent Marklin Water Tank Truck

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The Rare and Magnificent
Marklin Water Tank Truck

   I first saw this fine German Marklin toy presented on Liveauctioneers for the September 19-20, 2014 Bertoia Auctions auction. It's description mentions that it came from the Donald (Don) Kaufman collection that had been sold a five years earlier. I decided to search for more of this toys on a search for sold toys on Liveauctioneers. Sure enough, I saw the previous listing for this toy, as well as another similar Marklin water tank truck, but a smaller version.

   What was interesting for me was that Bertoia had rephotographed the toy since I'm sure they wanted to photograph it from its new owner should there be anything different. But was more interesting is how the new images make this toy look even more magnificent. Also, the smaller version is just as great  with its attention to detail, and its sheer size and beauty, even for a smaller version measuring 15 21 1/2" or 546 mm" or  381 mm. The larger version is 21 1/2" or 546 mm.

You have to look closely to find the differences between the smaller (top) and larger (bottom) water tank trucks. Since they're modelled after a real truck, there would not be too many differences.

1. First and foremost is the painting of the circles on the back of the tank part of the truck. The smaller truck has the 2 circles (yellow and black more towards the centre,  and equal in thickness. THe larger truck has a thinner yellow circle and a wider black one. Their positions are placed outwards than in the centre. 

2. The smaller water tank truck has only 1 rim and tire on each side of the back of the truck,while the larger one has 2 rims and tires on each side on the rear.

3. The larger truck has more spokes on its rims than the smaller truck.

 4. The  larger truck has 2 water spreaders (sprinklers) at the back of the truck,while the smaller truck has only 1.

These are the major easily-identifiable differences. I'm sure there are more, especially in size and proportions of the parts. However, it's hard to see this from photos that are similar in framing and camera distance, and lens selection.

   It's the attention to detail that makes these 2 Marklin trucks so interesting and valuable. The dimples of the seat,   the use of what appears to be brass parts, the springs of the trucks, the holes in the sprinklers, and so on.

Below is what I assume is the same truck as was previously auctioned. As I mentioned earlier, I especially like the photos for this relishing. The higher and lower camera angles help to present different features of the truck better. I also like the use of a wide-angle lens or focal length selection on a zoom lens to also emphasize certain features.

You can see the Marklin logo  next to the right tank in the photo.
I'm assuming that these are gas tanks.

This wide-angle and lower camera angle help to emphasize the size of the truck. AS well, the rear pairs of rims and tires, and the dual sprinklers are well illustrated. You also get to see the leaf springs at the rear of the truck. 

As Bertoia Auctions mention above, people, especially children must have certainly been attracted to the real truck when it appeared to clean the streets way back in 1912. However, you also have to realize how much dirt and waste there was back then considering all of the horses that still outnumbered automobiles and trucks at that time. There certainly was lots to clean up.

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