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A Return Visit to Case Antiques

Wednesday, July 3, 2014
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A Return Visit to 
Case Antiques

    If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I like to return to all of my guests who have helped me out on my blog. Yesterday, I decided to see what is happening at Case Antiques. Case Antiques is based in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA), with a satellite office in Nashville, Tennessee.  The company is well-respected in the antique auction business and has been in existence for more than 20 years. 

For today's post, I had seen a nice listing for the Case Antiques upcoming July 19, 2014 auction. What attracted me to this specify listing is that the listing is made up of several items. You don't see listings of multiple items that often.What I like about this particular listing is that it affords the viewer the opportunity to actually see  sizes of the items relative to each other.

 Here's the actual Case Antiques description of the listing 

    Lot 459: Vintage Cast Iron Car Toys

Group of four cast iron car toys. 1st item: 1920s Arcade yellow cab, 4-1/4" H, scattered loss of paint. 2nd item: Auto Express 504 red car with detachable driver and female rider, 5" H overall, scattered paint loss and steering wheel missing. 3rd item: Auto Express 546 wagon with 3 detachable drivers, some possibly not original, 4-3/4" H, paint loss and surface grime. 4th item: Small green sedan, 2" H, scattered paint loss. All 1st quarter 20th century. Provenance: Gatlinburg, TN collection. Condition: See description.*

*Description Courtesy of Case Antiques

 It's nice to see a grouping of cast iron toys together. It affords the viewer a better visual appreciation of the different sizes of the items. What I especially like about Case Antiques is their high-quality photography and the number of photos that they present to the bidding audience. Of course, this helps me a lot as I just whiten up the background to present the toys best.

All photographs courtesy of Case Antiques, Inc.

It's interesting to see a nice set of toys being auctioned together. What will be interesting is to see the final winning bid on this nice group.

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