Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Extremely Rare Hubley Motorcycle

Thursday, July 24,2014
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An Extremely Rare
Hubley Motorcycle

   If you're new to my blog, the Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in 1894. Like most of the early American toy companies, they started out cast iron toys. I've written a lot about Hubley and other manufacturers of these early toys because they present toys as small versions of American history. The toys were accurately proportioned and detailed for the "real" things that were modelled after. Initially there were horse drawn carriages, fire wagons, then cars and trucks.

   I had seen the occasional Hubley toy with a mechanical movement. One of these is the Hubley Ferris wheel  that I wrote about. and you can find by searching my blog. What I didm;t know was that Hublety made a few cast iron toys with mechanical movements. The toy I'm presenting today is probably the rarest and most expensive of all the Hubley toys that went to auction. The reasons for its rarity and value are due to the fact that probably few were ever made or have survived. The cost of the toy probably proved to be too expensive for the time that it was produced. Another reason of course is the condition of this toy. It's in an almost untouched condition.

                                  HUBLEY CLOCKWORK ''SAY IT WITH FLOWERS'' MOTORCYCLE

This extremely rare example is arguably the most talked about and prized of any motorcycle toy known. 
While it is painted in blue with black roof, it's interesting to note some red color in tiny areas seemingly proving the company made a color change for a possible special order; the clockwork mechanism makes this cycle a Holy Grail of finds,as the company discontinued this design shortly upon its' initial introduction. 
This example is in near mint condition, with one rubber tire having a split from shelf seating over the years. 
It is a striking toy with Hegarty Collection Provenance and a true museum quality piece.  
 (Near Mint Cond.)
 10 3/4'' long.*
* Description Courtesy of Bertoia Auctions

If someone out there reading this post has a Hubley cast iron toy with a mechanical movement, would you please send mdephotos of the toy, and especially the mechanical wind-up mechanism.
I'd like to see how Hubley integrated the movement into the body design of the toy. My next post will be about some of the other mechanical cast iron toys that Hubley made.

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