Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Very Old Steam Roller Toys

Monday, February 10, 2014
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Two Very Old Steam Roller Toys

     Earlier today, I added a post about a Structo steam roller that was photographed as a piece of art. While  I had researched that image and wrote to the seller, I came across a few interesting lithographed tin steam rollers from  Randy's Toy Shop in Noblesville, Indiana (USA) and on ebay (USA).  I've communicated with Randy several times, and I'm very fortunate to be allowed to write about him and of course the many exceptional toys that he sell. A even more interesting aspect of Randy's business is repairing and replacing toting toy parts and other toy materials. Randy is diesel mechanic by profession, so for sure knows how to use his skills on the "smaller items. I've included both his ebay store links and his toy store link. At the toy store, you can see a great interview with a reporter and Randy. What', most interesting is the explanation of how the replacement tin parts are made and carefully painted to look "vintage".

I like this high camera angle photo with the harsh shadow.

That  key is will certainly wind the springs that are inside this toy. But what I like is that "freshly-picked" appearance with the dust on the bottom of the wheels. I once received an old toy and it a few dried insects in it.

This is a nice front view of the toy.

If I find the time, I'll try and remember to look in my Bing toy catalogue to see if either of these 2 toys were made by Bing.

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