Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some Beautiful Keystone Airplanes

  February 1, 2014
(Moderately cold and Sunny)

Some Beautiful Keystone Airplanes

   I had already planned to post about toy tractors today, when I saw that I had mail. I checked and it was an answer from someone who has a beautifully-restored Keystone "Ride-Em" airplane for sale.
He politely declined to allow me to write about him and his toys, as he prefers to remain low key. I wrote back to thank him, but I appreciate people having the courtesy to at leaf say no.  That gave me the impetus to do a search of course for "Keystone Airplanes" first on Liveauctioneers, then to redirect to Bertoia Auctions, my excellent resource, and well-written descriptions, and of course superb-quality photos.

  I found enough images for a post, and thus today's original post will have to wait for tomorrow. What writing a blog has taught me is that there are always alternatives, and not to be dejected by refusals. I do get polite refusals, and some people never reply, but that makes me want to find what I'm looking for elsewhere.

The Keystone Company  originally sold camera equipment, but also made and sold pressed steel and their brand of "Ride-Em" line of toys. They also  sold many other products. The company existed from 1922-1965. They stopped the toy production in 1958, and eventually the camera division was sold in 1965 to Berkey Photo, a famous camera seller company at the time.

This must have been a great toy for all kids whose parents were fortunate enough to purchase these toys in 1930, a very hard time in the world history (during the Great Depression).
I especially like the small compartment on the side of the airplane, and those nickel-plated propellers.
The propeller or propellers actually rotated as the "airplane" moved.

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