Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Doepke Caterpillar Bulldozer from Exceptional Toy Train Specialists

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
               (Still cold, but sunny)

A Doepke Caterpillar Bulldozer
from  Exceptional Toy Train Specialists

   I've had Doepke on my mind lately. The reason for this is that I've been adding material to several of my Facebook pages and my Linkedin account. I've been using my own Doepke toy photos and improving them in Photoshop. They're fantastic toys that were made to be played with and to last! I made my usual request to someone on ebay to use their Doepke bulldozer photos, but decided not to wait. So I went to Liveauctioneers, and there before me, were once photos from Ambrose Bauer.

Paul V. Ambrose and  Drew J. Bauer are the owners of Ambrose Bauer trains. If you rare ever looking to buy model trains or want to know about trains this is one of the finest resources to go to. But their "piece de resistance" (The best item in a series ) is their fine photography with large-sized images. I haven;t written about them lately, but I will.

  What's interesting for today is that I found a very nice Doepke Caterpillar D6 tractor at a Train auctioneer. They do periodically have other items besides trains, but I'm always visiting for their trains.

   Doepke was a great pressed steel company that made rugged and hands-on toys. I know, because I purchased several of them, and I played with them "a bit". It's embarrassing to admit that a grown man would try these toys out in his house! Of course in writing a blog, you can;'t see me turning red. These toys are big and heavy. This Doepke Caterpillar Yellow D6 Cat is almost 15" long (381 mm), and weighs between 5-6 pounds  (2.27-2.72 kg).

So today's post was like looking for something  that you misplaced in your house,
 and finding something even more astounding that was also lost!

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