Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bertoia Auctions New Year of Auctions Starts

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bertoia Auctions 
New Year of Actions Starts

   The new year's season of auctions  has started for some, and Bertoia Auctions has posted the upcoming March  auction. I had spoken with Michael Bertoia recently about something else, when I asked him where his fine items coming up for action come from. He mentioned that some come from Europe, which surprise and didn't surprise me.  If you're a world-renowned toy auctioneer, where else to send your toys for action than to Bertoia Auctions. I know of some who recently wanted to sell a painting by a famous European artist. She decided to sent it to Bonham's in London, England to be put up for auction.

   For today, I decided to simply select 4 choice listings, rather than my usual compliment of 10. 

There was no date to indicate when this item might have been made.
It's certainly a very nice and colourful item, and the minimum bidding price was high. It's interesting how Walt Disney's character's gained world attention, and Mickey andMinnie toys would be made in Germany and elsewhere.

There was no date indicated on the description for this fine Schoenhut Humpty Circus,but  it's quite old, and probably from the 1920's. If you look at the bottom photo of the middle diptych ( a paint of photos or art placed together in a frame), you will see the words ""unbreakable jointed". The last word is missing, but must have read "figures". As you can see, these toys are still intact and in very good condition after nearly 100 years!

I selected this fine toy because it was hand-painted. Moreover,the ballerina came with a cloth dress. It's interesting how the musician would have been made from tin with his clothing painted, while the ballerina, also made from ton is clad in delicate fabric with a nice bow around her waist.

The final selection is of a clown teaching a large bird to sing. I couldn't resist the whimsical nature of this toy.  What's interesting both with the preceding toy (musician and ballerina) and the above toy is that both have movement and sound. 

What's interesting to al of the toys is their strong bold and vibrant colour themes, as well as the fact that they have survived for so long through good  and times. 

You have to sometimes wonder what these toys could tell us if they could talk!

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