Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Very Rare Part for a Buddy "L" Overhead Crane

Wednesday, February  12, 2014
           (Not again - Cold and Sunny!)

A Very Rare Part for a 
Buddy "L" Overhead Crane

  I've written about the Buddy "L" overhead crane once  before  at my own link below:

  In that post, I presented 2 marvellous toys from Bertoia Auctions. I won;t add any photos, since I'd like you to visit the other post to actually see these fantastic toys from the 1920's-1930's. 

 When I saw a part for this crane, I know I hear real "treasure" here. The reason that I say this is that the actual crane is quite large. However, you can't truly present photos of it to see detail, and it's detail that I like in a toy, amongst many other things.  Since the toy is so large, you have to back up the camera to present the whole toy, and doing this diminishes the small detail. Of course, a seller could present detailed "close-ups", but most don't. An analogy if I can add, would be of presenting a Ferrari for sale, and then zooming on on detailed parts. Everyone wants to see the whole car, not just that see-through glass covering some of the engines.

   I received a reply from the people of EverydayChoices, a fine ebay seller, who said that I could use their photos. These are great photos technically and compositionally. And when you see just this part, then go to the link to see the whole toy, you get an idea just how large and how magnificent this toy is. This part is described as being from a 1925 version of this toy.

A great photo. The camera angle projects this toy part at you. I like the way the pressed steel has been made into steel girders.

The actual width x height of the toy is"toy is 
48"  x 33" or  1.22 M x .833 M

The "big question" for someone who would buy this piece would be as to where he/she could find an actual crane without the overhead part. Of course, there probably might just be such as person out there with the rest of the toy!

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