Friday, February 14, 2014

A Very Old and a Very New Toy

Friday, February 14, 2014
     (Lots of Snow falling and mild)

A Very Old and a
Very New Toy

   Happy Saint Valentine's day to all.  If my wife were to give me a toy as a present today, I'd want one of today's toys - either old or new! I've written about today's toy manufacturer and even the modern reproduction of today's toy, but never the two together. So for today, I decided to have old and new together. The original, circa 1920's was manufactured by the buddy "L" company, while I can;t remember who makes the modern day version.  However, booth are fantastic toys that were made, and I'd be very, very happy to play with one!

This is a huge toy, weighing 28 pounds (12.73 kg) and with a height of 20" ( 508 mm).
What's more amazing is that it will actually dig trenches. This particular one is  90+ years old, and one of the best examples of its kind. At auction it went for a very handsome amount for its seller.

This is the reproduction modern-era version, which is 1" 2.54 mm) lower in height.
At auction, it went for 8x less than the original 1920's toy.

I want one for my next Valentines' Day!

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