Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Fabulous Restoration of an Irish Mail Toy

Sunday, February 16, 2014
             (Sunny and very cold)

A Fabulous Restoration of an
Irish Mail Toy

   I was very fortunate this week to be able to write both about Don Ulmer (Artistic Unique Model train landscapes), and today's guest, Paul  who restores very old American toys. The latter prefers to remain "low key", but I was ably to get his permission to write about him and his nice work.  It's very nice when you see craftspeople working with their hands to create or restore toys. 

  Today's guest is Paul whose ID on ebay is  cc31jc13 restored an old Irish Mail toy most beautifully, and tut's what caught my attention. I've written about these toys before, and had never heard of them before,. In fact, I've never even seen one up here in Montreal(Quebec, Canada).

 I will be returning later this week to present more exemplary  work from both Don Ulmer and Paul   (ebay ID cc31jc13) , since one post is just not enough for both of these hard-working people.

I have to mention 2 things so you, the readers do not see perhaps a faulty paint job. I played around in Photoshop to add some highlights (brighter areas on the toys), because I was just so enthralled with this superb restoration.  The send thing is that Paul took excellent photos to start with, and  I always appreciate that. It makes my job so much easier to remove the toy from the background.

Above is an authentic advertisement from 1940 that Paul will include with this purchase. 
It's the prices that astound me.  The price is only $ 8.28 wholesale, and $ 14.25 retail, although to today;s pricing it's all relative.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting about mostly tin toys that were Irish Mail toys. 
It's fascinating to go from actual play toys for children to miniature play toys for children.

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