Monday, February 24, 2014

Can't Get Enough of Those Custom-Made Scenes for Those On30 Scale Railroads

Monday, February 24, 2014
                    (Cold and Sunny)

Can't Get Enough of Those Custom-Made Scenes
for  Those On30 Scale Railroads

   If you've been reading my blog last week, I added 2 posts for about a master craftsman by the name of Mr. Don Ulmer. I first caught a glimpse of an interesting item for sale on ebay, and of course I had to investigate. Of course, as the expression goes - "the rest is history". Don creates interesting mini-scene for the On30 scale model railroads. These are the smaller sizes, but that surely doesn't take away from Don's masterpieces. What's most interesting about model railroads is the scenery, and most people, including myself overlook the scenery for the moving trains. 

   For myself, The miniature world of model railroad tabletops is even  more interesting that the trains themselves, and hobbyists spend more money and time creating these fascinating miniature cities and towns more than they do with the trains. There are many hobby stores most likely in your city and of course on the Net, and it's unbelievable what can be purchased or made by hand. Of course, it's easier to have Don make one for you, and his  prices are quite reasonable, if you happen to be the winner on  ebay.

I added Don's unaltered image that he sent me. Even though I photo-edited his images, they still are masterpieces. I didn't want you, the readers to see something different form what you might see on

I have seen though the most fascinating lighting on some tabletop model railroads on the Net, and I think that  that's important as well, at least from my perspective as a photographer.

I thoroughly enjoy changing Don's photos from daytime to nighttime or sunny days. I've learned quite fast in a photo-editing software to do this. As much as Don has thanked me for posting his work, I have to thank him for allowing me to "readjust" his photos. By the way though, I never change the actual items in the photos.

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