Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Request for the value of a Vintage Unpopular Toy

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Request for the Value of a
Vintage "Unpopular" Toy

   Sometimes, due to circumstances of the world or among people there fare toys that are unpopular.
An actor might be popular and so toys are made. However something happens in his/her life that goes against good behaviour, and the toys become unpopular. Another example is of today's toy - A Tippco WWII German Army Limousine. There was one version made with Adolph Hitler in the car with several soldiers and there is the toy photos that someone sent to me today, with Nazi-era toy figures. There are people who collect these items,but most of society shun away from them.

Most of the toys in the German  toy factories made during WWII were destroyed to eliminate the terrible feelings and memories from that era and of the terrible people who controlled Germany at the time.

  I wrote to the sender (who prefers to remain anonymous), and asked if I could post the photos. 

However, I will only keep this post up for about 2 weeks to respect 
most of the readership, who may  feel uneasy about the toy.

  The question that the sender asked was if I knew what the value of this toys was. I did find one on (Germany) that had 25 bids and sold for 925 Euros, so obviously there is a demand for the toy. That toy had Adolph Hilter in it.

A Tippco Early 1940's Limousine with Figures

  This Tippco wind-up toy limousine was based on the Mercedes-Benz limousine of the time. I wrote back to the sender to say that there are many factors that can affect the price of a toy.

1. Unpopularity of the toy due to history.

2. In general, toys can go in out out of being popular due to a number of reasons. 

One could be that people of a certain age group get old and pass on. Another reason is that the toy simply went through a "fad" and lost its popularity. One example is the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990's. These nice stuffed toys (with beans) became very popular, and everyone had to have them. With a limited production, the prices soared astronomically, then fell just as fast.

3. Economy of countries and of people

In booming economies, people have more disposable income. As such, they can afford to 
purchase "luxury items". In this case, old and vintage toys are "discretionary", since you do not need them to live from day-today. When times are harder, people need money to purchase the basic necessities of life, such as food and shelter.

So today's question is this:

Has anyone ever owned one of this toys and knows what the value of it is today?

 I will only keep this post up for about 2 weeks to respect
 most of the readership, who may feel uneasy about the toy.

I apologize to anyone if I have made them uneasy about today's post.

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always 
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be.

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