Monday, February 3, 2014

The History Lessons Are Included

Monday, February  3,2014
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The History Lessons Are Included
(ToyLandBay on  ebay)

   I was researching material for another blog about Keystone toys, when I came across a wooden Keystone toy on ebay. I didm;t know that Keystone made wooden toys, and the ebay seller  also wrote that Keystone had also manufactured cameras.Now this person certainly seemed to know a lot about his merchandise! When I looked thorough his ebay store, each and every item had a fantastic history about each toy.  I knew that I would have to write ToylandBay and ask if they would condor being a guest on my blog.

 "Since 1988 Delivering Quality Collectibles Form ToylandBay Including:
    Airline scale model planes, Herpa: Gemini, Daron, Hot Wings, Skymarks,
    Model Cruise Ships: Carnival,Caribbean, BC Ferries, Holland America, Princess
    Cars: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Submarines, Taxis,NYC,UPS, FEDEX,DHL,NYPD,
          FDNY,NASA, School Buses, Work Trucks
Sports Collectibles: Sports Cards,Collector Pins,Autographs/Photos,
                     Military Items, WWII Planes, Submarines"*
             *Courtesy of Michelle & Steve Ludwiski


 I wanted  to mention a few important thing when discussing these types of models .  These models are very small, and are not to be handled by any child under 14 years of age. The age of 14 is just an added precaution, but there is the danger of a very young child swallowing a small part of these models. 

I know that some people were probably wondering about the :history lessons", so I included one for the fantastic WWII German model above:

The Messerschmitt Me 328 was originally designed as a parasite aircraft to protect Luftwaffe bomber formations during World War II. During its protracted development, a wide variety of other roles were suggested for it. Late in the war, the design was resurrected for consideration as a selbstopfer (suicide weapon or kamikaze) aircraft, but was judged unsuitable even for this purpose. The tiny fighter was to have been propelled by pulsejets, but the unsuitability of these engines doomed the Me 328 from the start. The Mistel (German for "Mistletoe"), also known as Beethoven-Gerät (Beethoven Device) and Vati und Sohn (Daddy and Son), was a Luftwaffe composite aircraft type of bomber introduced in the later stages of World War II. Mistel was originally a bomber airframe, usually a Junkers Ju 88 variant, with the entire nose-located crew compartment replaced by a specially-designed nose filled with a large load of explosive, with a fighter aircraft on top, joined to the bomber by struts. The combination would be flown to its target by a pilot in the fighter; then the unmanned bomber was released to hit its target and explode, leaving the fighter free to return to base. The first such composite aircraft flew in July 1943 and was promising enough to begin a programme by Luftwaffe test unit KG 200, code-named "Beethoven".*

* Courtesy of Michelle & Steve Ludwiski

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