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Toy Outboard Motors

Thursday, February 23, 2013
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Toy Outboard Motors

Yesterday, I presented Lang's Auctions to you. Normally, I would have introduced my select topic (today) for the post into the introduction, but my great discovery of Lang's Auctions needed to present something else- their unique company of auctioning fishing equipment. If you redirect to that post,you'll understand why. Today's post is about toy outboard mottos. I once had written about these most interesting items. But when I discovered today's auction house on Liveauctioneers, I was most elated.They had more of these fine items that had gone to auction than anyone else.

As you know I'm photographer and I taught pro photography for about 34+ years. When I see super-quality photography from an auction house such as Lang's  Auction, I will always mention this in my post. I appreciate the fine work that goes into presenting their items for market, and this work makes my life a lot easier (not that I overwork writing this blog)when I screen-capture and assemble the photos for a post.

I never knew that these outboard motors could come in the actual gas-powered version. The previous one's that I had seen andj written about were battery-operated.

My father had a real Johnson outboard when I was old enough to go fishing with him. His however was a mere 4 or 5 horsepower. But I always remember than old dark green colour of the motor. Sometimes when I'm on the internet, and and am on a fishing auction page, I have to carefully look to see whether i'm looking at a real motor or the toy version. There are hobbyists who restore these original outboard motors to prime condition as well, and then resell them!

The above photo and the one below belong together as an auction listing.

After 15 years, when my parents had worked very hard, they wear able to afford a motorboat and of course the accompanying motor. My father in the late 1950's or very early 1960's purchased  a Scott motorboat and the accompanying motor similar to the one above. What I remember (if my memory serves me correctly) was the fact that the motor had an odd number for horsepower. 
I think it was a 43.7 horsepower.

In the 1950's and 1960's when, when my brother and sister were still young, and my parents had leisure time in the summer, they would rent a summer cottage, and my bother Michael and I would fish with our father.  Back then, we'd see basically 3 major brands of outboard motors, and all were American. They were the Mercury, the Johnson, and the Evinrude. Eventually times changed. My parents business became very successful, but the sad part is that they ended working 80 hour workweeks. Both died much too young, but the memories of those  fun days shared with my parents and sibling, long ago will forever be with me.

I've seen this photo 1000's of times, but when I scanned it, and then enlarged it,I remembered several things. My wife framed it and placed it in our den. I had forgotten that shiny cowboy belt buckle and than striped pink and white shirt  "a la" early beach boys style, that I wore.  I also had a brush cut, but with no wax,the photo you see has me with flat hair. I also had 32 tooth (all of them) at the time, and you can see the left incisor in the photo. I would later get braces, and have  the 4 wisdom teeth extracted. My waistline was probably 26" (660mm). The station wagon car in back is  a 1959-1962 Dodge. My father always liked Dodge and of course being a family of 7 ( 2 parents, 4 children, and my mother's mother) we needed that.

Old stuff and antiques, especially your own bring back good memories, and I hope you have both.

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