Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Chrysler Airflow Cast Iron Toys

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Chrysler Airflow Cast Iron Toys

    I've written about this fabulous toy before, but only presented my own limited range of photos for this  car. The Chrysler Airflow was a beautiful car manufactured from 1934-1937. Sadly, the car wasn't the success that Chrysler would have liked, and the car was discontinued. When I first wrote about the toy, I wrote mostly about a few Hubley cars that I had purchased and resold. The Hubley Airflow is a beautiful take-apart toy. You remove the rear spare tire first. This then allows you to remove the clear-metal chassis (undercarriage) from the top coloured part.

    Thanks to the many people and auction houses that allow me to use their photos with their permissions, I am able to certainly expand the breadth of images than when I was buying on E-Bay.

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    From my point-of-view the CHrysler Airflow was certainly an eye-catcher. The front grill, the triple-pieced bumper, the side vents, the headlight paired with the lower set of (I assume) fog lights), the sleek design, and the spare tire in the rear are beautiful features. However, the public saw the car differently fromChrysler, and production stopped.

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    I don't think Chrysler made all of the models that the toy manufacturers made, although I'll have to verify that. However, the toys from all of the different companies certainly are in my top 10 favourites list.  For myself, there's something about a heavy toy or piece of wood thats fascinating. It's that "feel" and sense of tactility that grabs you. I had that same feeling when I purchased a piece of ebony from an exotic wood importer. If you've never lifted a piece of ebony, you'd be very surprised at just how dense and heavy it weighs, and that's the same feeling that I get from those cast iron toys. Of course, their simple but elegant designs also attracts me to them.

   This is another one of my posts that I enjoyed writing. And when the spring comes,and the flea markets start up again, go out and see if you can find some of these wonderful Chrysler Airflows. You will definitely not be disappointed!

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