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A Great Swedish Auctioneer

Wednesday, January 24, 2013
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A Great Swedish Auctioneer

    I wrote to Mr. Mike von Matsuka a few weeks ago,after I had discovered his nice site. On it, he had all kinds of interesting toys, of which most were European. I hadn't seem many of them, and some of the names were unfamiliar to me. Of course, most of the site is in Swedish, so I've added a small dictionary (the world's smallest Swedish-English Dictionary). So when you goto visit some of the photos that I'm presenting to you today, you'll be able to understand some of the words.

(Please click on the above address to be redirected to Mike Matuska's fine website)

A Swedish-English Short Toy Dictionary

Swedish                                               English

Belysning                                             Lighting 
Blått                                                     Blue
Blixtbelysning                                     Spotlight 
Chaufför                                              Driver (car)
Dack                                                    Deck 
Färgen                                                 Color
Färgskrap                                            Paint scraped
Flagga                                                 Flag 
Handmålad plat                                   Hand-painted plate
Hjulångare                                          Paddle steamer (steamboat)
Högvingat                                           High Wing 
Lithograferad                                      Lithographed
Livbåtar                                              Lifeboat 
Målad                                                 Painted
Marinförare                                        Navy driver
Metallhjul                                           Metal wheels 
Normal Slitage                                   Normal Wear 
Ratt Saknas                                       Steering wheel   (Saknas = is missing)
Ruta                                                   Windshield / window
Slangrulle                                          Hose reel   (for a firetruck)
Stege                                                  Ladder 
Utropspris                                          Reserve Price 
Vindrutetorkare                                 Windshield wiper

I haven't had time to  research the toys from the site, as there is not much information there. When I find the time, I'll add more information. I'm just presenting today, a "sampling" of the toys that caught my attention, and that I have rarely seen before.  Mike is the second European (Scandinavian) auctioneer whom I've had permission to use their photos. The presentations today are just boats,cars, and airplanes. There are many other categories that I will present on another blog.


Cars and Other Vehicles

I've seen the name of Skoglund and Olson (Swedish Toymaker) before. However,since I have limited access to European auctioneers, and rarely do I see Swedish toys, I was fortunate to screen-capture this toy. Car iron toys are one of my favourite categories.

I like Mike's site because he has a knack for taking nice camera angles and presenting large-sized image on his site. He even has an even higher magnification, but it wasn't working when I went to his site this morning.

 What a coincidence. I just wrote a post about the Chrysler Airflow toys.
The "real" car was beautiful for its time, however it wasn't a success and Chrysler sadly stopped production after 3 years (1934-1937 approximately). However every major cast-iron toy manufacturer made these toys at the time.Some tin types were also made,and this is Tri-Ang was certainly a surprise. Tri-Ang was a British company,that even had a company here in Montreal.

I'll have to check to see if I erased the front right wheel.
This particular toy had a battery-operated front light with the switch showing  in the top photo.
Mike's undercarriage of the wind-up mechanism well-illustrates the way the you was powered.

Airplanes and Spaceships

You can see how well a toy shows when the website provides larger-sized images for viewers to look at. It's great because you don't necessarily have to present a dozen photos to see what the nature of the toy, and the condition is.

So that's it for today.
Thanks for dropping by, and have a great part of the day, wherever you may be.

ha en trevlig dag
(have a nice day in Swedish)


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