Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Hubley Red Devil # 5 Racer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
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The Hubley Red Devil # 5 Racer

    About 20 minutes ago, I was looking for something else on E-Bay,when I had to stop and take a better look at this listing from Opamerica.  Some of my favourite toys  are the cast iron American toys made in the 1920's and later. And of those toys, the cars are definitely on my "A" list.  Narrowing my favourites even more is this fine Hubley Red Devil # 5 Racer.

    Of course, I want to once again thank Opamerica for allowing me to use their fine listings and excellently-photographed images.

(please click on the above address to be redirected to Opamerica's site on E-Bay)

     The reason that I like this toy so much is its "elegance in simplicity". Here's a beautiful toy with the major features showing, but it doesn't get overcomplicated. When you open up the sides of the hood, you get to see the engine. In real life cars,my favourite is the Porsche 911 45 SC. I'm never going to have one, unless I win the lottery up here in Quebec. Again it's the "elegance in simplicity" that keeps my attraction to that car. The Porsche changes minimally each year, but just enough to keep you reminded of what it looked like 5 years ago. The basic nature of the design remains. And "frozen in time" is the Hubley - a design that I feel is based on those "real" racers of the era that you'd read about every year in the sports section coverage of the INDY 500. 

     I don't know how many of these Hubleys were sold, but  for sure, many children most certainly were elated to have received one of thse toys for Christmas or their birthdays, and lived to play with it for years to come.

 So that's it for this Hubley post.
Short and sweet, as they say, and in this case, as it should be.

Enjoy, and as always,
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