Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Outstanding E-Bay Seller From Japan

Tuesday,  January 15, 2013

(An Outstanding E-Bay Seller From Japan)

    I seem to have exceptional luck. However, it's the fine people that area always willing to help me out, no matter, where in the world they are or live. I like to look on E-Bay for the diverse merchandise that is available there. Sometimes, I'll even venture to the foreign E-Bay sites, although I have no idea what I might be reading when in Italy, Germany, or other countries.

    Japan-Premiere-Seller-Trading-Assistant lists on E-Bay's USA site. Lat week, I had written about Japanese toys from an AMerican seller, but I wanted to find toys directly from Japan. Fortunately, I found Japan-Premiere-Seller-Trading-Assistant, sent an E-Bay message, and today, was fortunate to have received the necessary permissions.

I really like their Dragon Logo

(Please click on the above address to be redirected to their fine site on E-Bay)

     I certainly enjoyed looking at these fine toys from Pre-War (WWII) Japan. It would be interesting to know just how much of the toy market Japan had before WWII.  I'm sure they had a fair share, just like the European toy manufacturers had. This is my first instalment about   Japan-Premiere-Seller-Trading-Assistant. For my next post, I'd like to present the post-war (WWII).

So that's it for today. It's unbelievable how fas the time is passing by. In another week, the stores here will be promoting Valentine's Day, and before you know it, it will be Easter, and then the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

So thanks to all for visiting, 
and have a great part of the day, wherever you may be.



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toysearcher said...

Hello to whomever commented:

I personally deleted your comments. I try to select E-bay sellers to write about on my blog based on their feedback, which in all cases is high. I want to be able to write about the toys, and when and if any readers do go to a seller, they can also check his/here feedback.
When I used to buy on E-Bay, I based my bids and purchased on that criteria, so that I would feel confident in dealing with them.

I do not want to answer your comments here,but if you write to me at my personal e-mail at the end of the most recent posts, I will reply.

(Mr.) Stacey Bindman