Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Architectural Toys

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Architectural Toys


    I was scouring the Net as usual, when I came across a site containing a huge "warehouse" of  content that I had always been looking for. I call this group construction or building toys, but the owner of the site who is quite educated, and likes to study architecture, prefers to call the grouping architectural toys.

Jackie Britton is quite an interesting young woman. She studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath,  although she never worked as an engineer.  She joined the Science Museum in London, and worked her way up , eventually  becoming Project  developer and Executive Assistant to the  Head of the Museum.  At the same time, she managed to find time to get an MSc in the History of Technology in the History of Technology. Jackie then was fortunate enough to get a great job at the Victoria and Albert Museum (across the street from the Science Museum), where she is the head of technical services, managing the teams who move, install, pack, transport, store, clean, and make mounts for the exhibits.

I'm tired just writing all of this, and yet there's even more to tell on her site. I feel like I should be doing lots more than just writing a toy blog!

I rearranged the above montage from Jackie's intro page on her blog.
I hope that she won't mind.  I especially like her logo of the letter "A" for

The first address is Jackies's blog,while the second one is her website.
You can click on either address to see lots of interesting architectural sets, as well as interesting information.

And if that is not enough, Jackie has added photos to Flickr:  

    I'm going to be writing a few posts about Jackie Britton and her marvellous architectural toy collection, so for today, I'm just presenting you with some of the items in her collection. 

I actually had a set of Minibrix when I was about 8 years old. The "trick" to  easily attach the rubber pieces to each other was to wet the small rounded ends, and then push or press them into the small holes. 

I'll be writing more on Jackie later, but for now this is the "intro". Drop by her fine sites,  as well as her Flickr site. I'm going to add my photo site in the future .I've taken lots of nice photos when I was buying and selling on E-Bay, and I'd like to share them with you.

That's it for today.I have to get up and walk Buddie, our dog.
As well, my neck is "killing me" from bending down over the keyboard and monitor.

As always, thanks for dropping by,
and have a great day or evening or morning, 
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Robin Dulake said...

Dear Stacey
I agree with you about Jackie's collection.

To say that she is 'quite educated' is an understatement; Jackie has an engineering degree & has worked in Museums for 25 years! You also spell 'call' cal and likes 'like', which rather takes away from the impact of your piece;you will find it really helpful to read over slowly after writing, also it's polite to the people who will read your work.

I feel you have rather a cheek to lift so much from her site, if it were mine I would be pretty annoyed.

However, we both agree it is a fantastic collection at least. Best wishes, Robin Dulake

toysearcher said...

Hello Robin,

You're right about my not having proofread what I wrote, and that the spelling errors that I made might make the collector - Jackie Britton feel that I didn't place enough effort in the post.

I know what you mean in a different manner, I'm a male, but somehow 64 years ago, my mother chose a more-modern name for me - Stacey. I can't tell you how often my name is often misspelled, or I'm addressed as Mrs. or Miss, even when I started to add (Mr.) to my name, when I correspond with potential people or companies that I would like to write about.

I don't know what the expression "cheek to lift" means. However if it means that I "stole" her work, I did not. I have corresponded with Jackie, and did have her permission to use her content.

Having gone back today (June 12, 2013) to this post, I did write that I would revisit Jackie Britton's outstanding site and write another post. I will make a bigger effort to truly write about Jackie, since I "downplayed" her outstanding credentials with having ever having had any intention of doing that. I always appreciate all of the outstanding people and companies that have helped me to write.

I would also like to apologize to you and to everyone who felt that not proofreading does in fact dilute the quality that I have tried on my blog, for both myself and the people or companies that I write about.

Thanks for your candor in taking the time to write, and thanks for dropping by for a visit.

If you are a collector of old and antique toys, I would like to invite you to send me photos and a brief bio of your toy collecting and your toy collection. I'm always looking for new antique toys and people who can help me with my post.


(Mr.) Stacey Bindman