Monday, January 28, 2013

Paya Toys

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paya Toys

      The Paya Company was founded in 1902 by Rafael Paya in Alicante Spain. In 1906, Mr. Paya's sons (Pascual,Emilio, and Vincente) helped their father build a factory to produce their fine toys. This was the first ever toy factory on Spain.  Their quality and bold colours helped them create a reputation that rivalled the famous German manufacturers of the time such as Marklin. However, the Paya creations were not as complicated or as big as the German Marklin.  The 1930's saw further expansion until the Spanish civil war occurred. Under the dictator Franco,the company had to stop making toys and produced shell casings. In 1946, the company started once again to make toys. I'm not sure what happend later, as it's hard to find information on the company. However, in the mid 1980's Paya under Lino Paya (Unsure if his last name was Paya)  reintroduced the manufacture of limited editions (5000) of their old classic tin toys.

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