Friday, January 11, 2013

Ministeam - The Great Toy Steam Company

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Great Toy Steam Company

     I came across  Ministeam - The Great Toy Steam Company 2 days ago, and got their permission. I'm just going to write today a bit about their steam toys and more about their other toys. The reason for this is twofold. I was writing a few days ago about another steam engine company, and I would like to give each and every company it's own space and time to be fair. Also, the Ministeam company, like anything or company that I find interesting really needs more space to write about.

    What I'm eventually coming to realize on the Net, and especially about toys is that you can't make any assumptions. I didn't realize that there are still erector set companies, and lo and behold Ministeam sells them. Then I had to correct an instalment, because I thought, mistakenly, that steam toys are not as popular in North America as in Europe and Great Britain. When I came across the Ministeam company, my  jaw dropped! And while my foot is still in my mouth, my  faith in the younger generation has been restored. When I found the marvellous interesting and educational toys at Ministeam, I started to look at scientific summer camps for younger adults (I'm 64).  Maybe I could even try to get into a kid's camp! So, kids are not just running around with the WiFi toys attached to those 128" wide TV monitors or playing all day with their Ipads and iPhones - my faith has been restored in the next younger generation of future Nobel Laureates!

I like the clever company Logo with the steam and Key

(please press on the above address to be redirected to Ministeam's great website)

Whoa! Erector set kits!

THis is a thermal machine. The blue base absorbs heat from a heat source as small as a gooseneck lamp. The thermal energy is then transferred into a hidden engine that peoples the brass wheel with its blades.

This is a variation of the previous machine. This one takes solar energy and heats the dark pplte under the thin semi-transparent plastic material. The heat transfers the brass piston allowing solar energy to be transferred eventually inot mechanical energy.
The Stirling Principle is applied here 
(I'll need to learn what the principle is).

 Imagine a train set that comes in an aluminum case for travel and protection!

I certainly didn't know that the first steam engine went back to the days 
of Hero (10-70 A.D.) from Alexandria!

I've placed 2 slightly different photos together.
The above machine can be purchased as you see it on the left or the plans can be purchased to make the engine that you see on the right.  The plans are for a 1-use time, and for machinists who can use lathes and boring machines to create the parts.  Smaller parts come with the kit, but the major parts need the parts for the machining.

I'm certainly impressed with the discovery of this company. One thing I can say is that I'm glad I'm not a toy blogger rater and reviewer. I'd never get to write any articles because I'd be playing with the toys I received all day, and night. And today, these great items would keep me in my office for the whole winter!

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