Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hubley Cast Iron Racer # 5

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hubley Racer # 5

     Yesterday, I talked about one of my favourite toys - the Hubley Red Devil # 5 racer. However, this particular toy was 1 of many similarly made. The "Red Devil" # 5 was unique compared with the other # 5's. It had rubber-based tires mounted on spoked nickel-plated wheels, and had a red and unpainted nickel-plated combination. It also was 9 1/2" in length or 242 mm.

     The other similar models had different paint colours, metal wheel-tire combinations, and very little nickel-plating. In the example below, rubber tires were mounted on wooden wheels. Below are a series from Bertoia Auctions to illustrate how the variations of these wonderful toys appeared in the 1930's.

(please click on the address above to be redirected to the Bertoia Auction site)

Notice the lightbulbs (operated by a size D battery) and the switch,
 just below and in front of the driver.

The Hubley cast Iron Red Devil # 5 Racer

And just one last comment. 
These toys were called "pull toys". The cord and wooden ball allowed for a 
child to pull the toy behind him as he/she walked on the dirt roads.

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