Tuesday, January 8, 2013

K. Arnold & Co. Toy Company- Part II

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

K. Arnold & Co. (Toy Company)
(Part II)

      I'm changing the type colour to see if it will be easier on everyone's eyes. Louise Baker who also happens to be an art director mentioned that white lettering against a black background is hard on the eyes. It's always great, when someone more informed helps you out!

    I would have changed the background as well, but that would have changed every of of my  291 posts. They would change, and I would have had to reselect the colours for the dates and titles, which as you could image, would have taken forever. I'll do some experimentation to see if it is possible to change the background for just 1 post, and then work from there.

I remember when I taught a small portion of 1 photography course that contained lecture material on page layout and design. It was unbelievable how much "structure"and principles that applied to a magazine or catalogue page!

    I already wrote about the K. Arnold & Co., and I mentioned that I would add 2 more instalments. This is #2 of 3 posts. The company made very fine clockwork (Mechanical energy transfer) toys in the 1930's, but even before that time, they were making accessory steam engine toys. I've included other brands as well, as it's not always possible to fill a post with 10 images from 1 company. These steam-eingine toy accessories were made in the 1920's.

   I'm sure a set-up with 1 steam engine and  several accessory toys such as the 3 above much have been a "real blast" for a child. I'm sure of the child got low to the ground, and had a small wooden toy factory, he/she could imagine what a real factory felt and sounded like. 

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