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Hubley Toys: Same Design, but Different Sizes

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Hubley Toys
Same Design but Different Sizes

   In the 1920's, the roads  were not all paved with asphalt. Many of the roads were simply dirt roads. Of course, in time the roads in the USA would become paved. This was especially true after WW2 when General Eisenhower would become the President. At that time (early 1950's) a major undertaking began in order to create joined superhighways from North to South and East to West.

    Since the roads in the 1920's and 1930's were mostly unpaved, motorcycles were very popular and  very numerous. A motorcycle could easily go from city to the countryside, and  move through the washed-out roads, and holes in the roads. Cars did not have such an easy task.

   Since motorcycles were so popular on the roads, there was a huge market for motorcycle toys, and Hubley made many, many motorcycles as I showed you last week. Although there were many different models, some models were chosen by the Hubley Company to be manufactured in different sizes.  The motorcycles that you see below are all the same design and model, but for their sizes. I was fortunate to find a Bertoia Auctions auctions that had 4 of 5 different sizes of the same model.

   It's easy to overlook the description that comes with a toy, but it's important to read. The description and the price provides the reader and you buyer with information (size, price. and rarity) in order to be more educated when searching for and buying toys.

Early 1930's, cast iron, large size, red 'Indian' cycle with integral cast driver, movable head with blue painted enclosed van body, sides embossed 'SAY IT WITH FLOWERS,' a very desirable example. 9" l. Rubber tires are replacements, rear body is recast.
Estimate: 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 USD

Final Price: $ 1,888.00 USD

C. 1930's, another in the series of six sizes, cast iron, familiar distinctive van body, embossed 'SAY IT WITH FLOWERS' on side, open window at rear, rubber tires on nickel spoke hubs, cast driver. 7" l. Appears to be a recast example.
Estimate: 800.00 - 1,000.00 USD

Final Price:  $ 1,298.00 USD

Hubley "Say it with Flowers" Delivery Cycle
Cast iron, painted in blue overall, embossed van sides, third in series and last to say just 'FLOWERS' on sides, size of ad space would not allow the 'SAY IT WITH' portion. 5" l. Recast.
Estimate: 800.00 - 1,000.00 USD
Final Price: $ 413.00 USD

Smallest "Say it With Flowers" Motorcycle

Hubley, c. 1930's, smallest of six in the cast iron series, the familiar mold design is scaled perfectly, cast driver, embossed van sides, rubber tires, "Flowers" in script on van sides. 4 1/4" l. Rear tires replaced, repaint, and left side has small crack.
Estimate: 300.00 - 500.00 USD

Final Price: $ 354.00

    As you can see, all 4 motorcycle toys are quite similar in nature, however, the prices descend from high to low when the size of the toy decreases in size. As it's easy to pass over the information, you might end up paying more than you might, had you known there were different-sized toys of the same toy, but also with correspondingly lower prices as the size got smaller.

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