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The Tether Toy Car Racers

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The Tether Toy Car Racers

   I've written before about tether toy car racers before, but decided to write a more detailed article about these fabulous toys. For those who don't know, a tethered racing car has a sting cord that attaches to a wire that is attached to the car. The toy car has a miniature engine that runs on nitro gas.  As the car rotates on the tract, the person holding the car, rotates also, so that the car does not run off the tract. Some of these cars can run as fast as 150 mph or 249 kph. They also making a high-pitched noise that is quite loud.

  Some of the more famous tethered cars were made by Dooling Brothers in the 1940's and are still quite capable of racing.

 George "Pappy" Nutting Special Race Car.
A very important tether racing car from one of the real pioneers of the hobby. One of the most remarkable tether racers of all time, George "Pappy" Nutting was a very clever machinist, engineer who essentially scratch-built this fabulous racer in 1940. He fabricated the balsa body, full machined the rear gearbox, front axle and "floater" axle set up. George had to be the first to see the wisdom in the "thin" front wheels and tires. The car was the 1941 Eastern Champion and winner of the Heiserman Trophy being the fastest in a 153 car field. This is an important car with a superb history! Condition (Excellent). Size 19 -1/4' L ( 489 mm) .Realized price at auction: $ 6500.00 US Dollars.

A side view showing a wire  with a loop.
Notice that the wire attaches in 2 places to the car. This provides better holding power 
to the racer so that it stays firmly on the track.

An excellent photo presenting the small motor and gas tank at the front of the tether rare

1939 Popp Race Car.

The Popp car built by the Popp family in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area is one of the most sough 
after tether racers. Although of a high quality throughout, very few were manufactured. Quite good
 sized at a full 20" in length, they are extrememly handsome racer albeit heavy for track use. 
As few exist, they are highly sough after by collectors. This car features a highly powered engine and genuine Popp wheels and tires. This car spent quite some time in the Kirk F. White collection. 
An opportunity not to be missed! Condition (Excellent). Size 18" L (457.2 mm)

Below is a 1940's Dooling Brothers car. The Dooling Brothers were famous in the 1940's for manufacturing quality products, and this tether car sold for $16.95 USD in the 1940's. It sold for $ 2074.00 USD in December 2015
at Morphy Auctions.

For more information about tether cars, please go to Wikipedia at the address below:

On a closing note, some of these cars could speed at  197 mph or 317 kph.
That should make you dizzy, and turn very fast as you guide your car around the track!

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