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The Neff-Moon Truck Set

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The Neff-Moon Truck Set

  One of the most pleasurable and educational toy auctioneers that I came across is .James D. Julia. The photography is excellent,and the descriptions are well-researched and well-written. THe antique toy division was sold to Dan Morphy who is a very successful and multi-facetted company. By well-facetted, I mean that he has many different divisions to his auction company. As an example, he also sells fine automobiles of all ages and rarity. THe good news is that you can still view past auctions on James D. Julia's website.

                                                  NEFF-MOON INTERCHANGEABLE CAR SET W/O.B.

By Neff-Moon Toy Company, Sandusky, Ohio. 
During its heyday in the 1920s and 30s, it wasn’t unusual for the custom body industry to offer different styled bodies on the same chassis. This large complete set of pressed steel toys include two friction drive trucks with Packard style front grilles. The six included additional bodies could be interchanged on truck chassis. The bodies include a two door coupe, moving van, Huckster body, police patrol, emergency van and more. All are contained in well labeled original box marked $8.00. SIZE: Box measures 17″ x 23″. Truck chassis measures 14″ l. CONDITION: Although toy has been played with set remains complete and good to very good. Some rooftops of bodies show wear. Friction working on both truck bodies. 1-14581 (1,000-2,000)  Lot 1471*      
(Description James D. Julia)*

The instructions as to how to assemble the truck with its' different parts.

Below: A photo showing what was in the box
Below are several photos presenting what the contents of the box was.
There were 2 truck bodies, windshields (only 1 here), and 6 interchangeable truck bodies.
The 2 trucks have friction drives to make them go by themselves. The trucks and their respective parts are made of pressed steel.

    It's always fascinating to see the original box that the toy or toys fit into. Having the cardboard box
certainly increases the value of the item up for bidding. As well,  the box and its' cover provides information about what is in the box.

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