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Four Arcade Busses

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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Four Arcade Busses

   I recently wrote about cast iron toys that were similar in size and shape but different in their exterior finish. As I was searching for something to write about I came across a current Bertoia Auctions auction, where there were a group of nice cast iron Arcade busses. The arrangement of the busses on this page are by year, with the later busses starting from top to bottom.

Arcade GMC Coast to Coast Bus
Rare red and cream collars, "Coast to Coast GMC" stencilled on roof.
Ex. Donald Kaufman Collection
Length 9" / 228.6 mm

Arcade Greyhound Bus
Cast iron, blue and white body, nickel grill and rear panel, white rubber tires,
"Greyhound Lines" Stencilled on sides. 
Length:  9" / 228.6 mm

Arcade Shortline Bus
Interesting  color scheme, in white, black and orange, white rubber tire,
"The Shortline" stencilled on roof.
Length: 7 1/2"/ 190.5 mm

Arcade  Private Label City of Detroit Bus
Cast iron, yellow bus,black fenders, white rubber tires,"City of Detroit Div."
on roof. Missing one spare tire.
Length:  13" / 330.2 mm

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