Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Nicely Photographed Hubley "Coast-to-Coast" Bus

 Thursday,October 5, 2015

A Nicely Photographed Hubley
Coast-to-Coast Bus

      I was searching through my past posts, when I came across the Gotham City Toys post.  I then decided to have a look at what was for sale on their E-Bay store, when my eye caught sight of this wonderful cast iron bus. So from there, I decided to present it for today. There were lots of photos which allow the viewer or potential buyer to see all the different features of the toy.

1927~Scarce~10 inch Hubley Cast Iron COAST to COAST BUS 

The photo above shows you the bus driver that was a part of the left side casting.The tires and hubs appear to be new since they are in such excellent shape.  However, overall, this toy is in very good condition.

So that's it for today, and I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather, because pretty soon, we'll be having winter, which I can do without!

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