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There are Still Toys to be Discovered

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There are Still Toys to be Discovered

Bertoia Auctions

   I mistakenly thought that I had seem most of the old and antique toys from the last century and earlier, but as luck would have it, I decided to venture over to Bertoia Auction for a visit. I arranged the search for high to low pricing. Sure enough, there were immediately 3 old and very old toys whose names I never heard before.

 The above toy is interesting for one particular fact among others. It's design is similar to the other toy companies models of the time, but it happens to be have been made by a company called globe. I've seen this before in American toys, and what I find interesting is that there must have been different patent or copyright laws back then , or companies simply got along better than today.  Recently (within the last several years)I remember Apple suing Samsung for patent infringement and design. PArt of the lawsuit was for, of all things "rounded corners" in the 4 corners of the phone. I assume it's a very much different world today. 

The pair of dancers above also happen to have their original box. If you magnify the photo, you can see that this French toy won several contests in toy competitions. The dates range from 1898 to what appears either to be 1910 or 1918. What I am always amazed with is the fact that for such an old toy, it still had its' original box!

I never heard of the toy company "Heller et Coudray) until today. I assume that with the French word "et" (translated to "and" in English), it's a French toy. The date was not mentioned, but from other toys that I have seen of a similar nature, the toy was probably made in the early 1900's to the 1920's.

So today's post is "short but sweet". If you're a collector or like to go to auctions or garage sales, you never know if you might find a "treasure". So keep on searching, because you never know what will turn up. If you ever read my first post, that's how I started this blog. A friend found a pair of Meccano sets in perfect condition, from the 1940's for $ 10.00 at a Canadian Salvation store. She sold them to me for $ 250.00, and I sold them for a small profit to someone in Great Britian who was a member of a Meccano club. 

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