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A Rare Marklin Ship Comes to Auction

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A Very Rare Marklin Ship Comes to Auction

    If you've never been to the Bertoia Auctions website, you should venture over there. Bertoia Auction is one of the premium and best toy auction companies in the USA. It's family-owned, and they always have great auctions. Sometimes an entire collection form one collector will go to Bertoia's facilities for exclusive auction.

   The auction had plenty of fine old and antique toys. Sometimes I'll search for toys by price, with the highest price beginning, and descending to lesser values after. I happened to catch this fantastic 
early 1900's Marklin Oceanliner in "pristine condition". You might want to check the final auction bid for this particular.  For something so rare, and in such condition, it truly garnered a very high final price.

Germany, circa early 1900's, as found, an all original museum quality example that represents the finest of its kind ever offered at public auction. This four funnel, clockwork powered toy vessel, is a startling visual of world's finest in craftsmanship, scale and overall detail. Dry docked and ready for a new port of call, its lifeboats, masts, upper deck appointments, extraordinary color coordinating paint scheme and sea worthy hull proudly await this May's auction. 38" Overall length. One lifeboat repainted, overall (Pristine Condition)

As you can plainly see, for such a rare toy, Bertoia's photographer took plenty of photographs.

These toys, in this case an Oceanliner, were actually played with in small lakes in parks.
The toy is a windup with clockwork mechanism.  I assume that if the boat did not come back to shore, then perhaps a park attendant would go into the lake and retrieve the toy.

I decided not to write too much because the photographs speak volumes for such a unique toy.

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