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Matching Carrette Toys With Their Catalogue Images

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Matching Carette Toys With Their Catalogue Images 

   When I was doing a lot of writing, I decided to buy many old toy catalogues for future references and information. One of these is  reproduction a trade catalogue for 1911 titled "The Great Toys of George Carette. The publisher is New Cavendish Books and was first printed in 1975.

Germany, rare example of a luxury limousine complete with original driver and three seated figures, one is the child, done in forest green lithography overall, yellow striping, red trimmed window frames, features beveled glass windows, nickel plated head lamps, rubber tires, spoke wheels, roof rail rack & clockwork driven. Largest in series. 16" l. (Pristine Cond.)*
* Description Courtesy of James D. Julia

The closest that I tried to match up is the top image on the right side # 3358/44.
It matches the features of the Bertoia Auctions toy. However the catalogue toy measures 13" long x 7 1/2" high, whereby the Bertoia Auctions toy measures 16" long. Also the driver's seat does not match. 

Another feature of  the toy is the front lights (all 4) that are nickel-plated. 
There is also real glass to the windows. 

My match-up is certainly not 100%, but is close enough to approximate the date the toy was manufactured, as well as to review the written description of the toy. I'm quite sure that 
James D. Julia  has an exhaustive "library" of reference books to identify their listed toys.

The car above was the easiest to match. It's catalogue image 
is on the page below, top right row, and the top image.

Below is the last car. It's match is on the scanned page above (page 210).
It's corresponding image is on the right side, third row down ,and on the right side.

Well, 2 out of 3matches is not great but then again, "the glass is half full", as the famous expression goes.
So that's it for today, and how I try to add more information about the toys that I write about. 

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