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The Need for Speed

Wednesday, September 29, 2016
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The Need for Speed

  Ever since man invented a machine or means of travel, he/she was fascinated by speed. This phenomena was evermore increased with the invention of the automobile. Right from the start, man and machine had to go faster than anyone else, and hence the race car evolved from the more common everyday car.

The "Sunbeam Car" below is modelled after the famous Sunbeam 1000 car. It was the first car to travel over 200 MPH (332 KPH). The reason that it was called the "Sunbeam was the fact that it has 2 Sunbeam  "Matabele"  22.4 litre aircraft engines. These engines were first used in Speedboats*

In the early years of racing on land (rather than a racetrack), there were 2 men or racers in the car. One drove the car, while the other one,called a navigator, would instruct the driver where to go to continue the race.  

Some early race cars were very big proportionally to other regular cars and the driver. 
The toy above exemplifies this.

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