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A Cast Iron Bank is Matched up With a Similar Catalogue Photo

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A Cast Iron Mechanical Bank is 
Matched up With a Similar Catalogue Photo

   Yesterday, I'd forgotten that I had once purchased some toy catalogues from  CabinCreekCDs.  I was searching for my paper catalogues, when I remembered that I also had some CD toy catalogues. I decided to view them on my monitor and check what's on them. 

   For today's post, I selected a fine cast iron mechanical bank that moves with a wind-up key.

Horse Race Mechanical Bank (Flanged Base) with Box

J & E Stevens Co., Cromwell CT, cast iron, patented 1871
Yellow version, billed as  "The Race Course Bank","The Toy of the Period",pulling on
string at front of the bank activates an internal spring. Drop coin into slot to start the horse race.
Colors are bright and striking. Provenance: Al Carron to Bill Norman Collection.
Cracks to top surface, (Pristine condition).
Price Realized: $ 20,400.00 USD

The catalogue image is different from the Bertoia Auctions one. Notice the horse buggy is dual wheeled  with large wheels.  It is different but similar to the J & E Stevens Company one. 
Also notice that the toy cost $ 1.00 in the catalogue in 1871-1872. 
The final winning bid for the J & E Stevens Bank was $ 20,400.00  USD.

The scanned image above is from the Emerson's Bazaar catalogue.

Above is a business card for CabinCreekCDs. If you type in their web address, that will take you to their website.  The company is an excellent place to start if you are searching for certain toy catalogues. Of course, they have lots of other interesting items for sale.

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