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Rick's Toybox Revisited

Saturday, February 3, 2018
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Rick's Toybox Revisited

I've been revisiting old posts and people to see how I can add new posts about them. Rick has helped me out in the past.I've written about his store and how he sells replacement decals of old toys that are missing them. 

However, Rick also happens to sell fine toys on ebay. So when I revisited Rick's website on
ebay, I did a search emphasizing toys from the most expensive to the least. Sure enough, I found 5 toys in total, with 3 toys I had not seen seen before, and 2 old toys that are in demand by collectors.

 Vintage Cast Iron Kenton Overland Circus Truck 
with Lion and Driver.
Circa: 1930's
Length x Height:  7.5" x 4.5"  191 mm x 105 mm

Vintage Arnold Tin Toy Wind-Up  
Daredevil  Motorcycle Driver and Acrobat
Key Wind-up
Circa: late 1940's-1950's
Length x Height:  8 3/4" x 11 1/4"  215 mm x 311 mm

The way to date this toy is from when it was made.
In this case, part of Rick's description was "Made in Western Germany"
This informs us that that was the name of part of Germany after WWII. At that
time, Germany was divided into Western and Eastern Germany.

Vintage Structo Army Tank
Pressed Steel Military Tank
Length x Height:  12.5" x 6.5"  306" x 165" 

Vintage Marx Tin Gas Roadside Pumps, Grease, Motor Oil
Pressed tin with rubber hoses
Circa: 1940's
Length x Height:  9.5"  x 5.5"  241 mm x 140 mm

Vintage Kingsbury Golden Arrow Racer
Pressed Steel Toy, Wind-up, Blue
Circa: 1930's
Length:  19 1/2"  496 mm
Modelled after Sir Malcolm Campbell's (British) famous racer Modelled after Sir Malcolm Modelled after Sir Malcolm Campbell's (British) famous racer, the "Blue Bird",
he set the land speed record at Daytona (Florida, USA) in 1931
to 246 mph (396 km/h) and some time later to 251 mph (396 km/h) 

Writing about the last toy, which was modelled after a real-life racer  that
raced at Daytona Beach, Florida (USA), I sure would rather 
be there than up here in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).
 Oh well, there's a mere 46 days left until March 20, which is the  first day of spring!

Thanks's for visiting, 
and have a great day or evening.

Stacey Bindman

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