Monday, February 26, 2018

Milestone Auctions

Monday, February 26, 2018
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Milestone Auctions

"Milestone Auctions, located in Willoughby, Ohio is fast becoming one of the most trusted and well recognized names in the antique and collectibles auction industry. We work hard to bring Buyers and Sellers together from across the country and globe. At Milestone Auctions we strive to give every collection. large or small, the attention to detail it deserves. We achieve this through excellent customer service. expert evaluations, aggressive marketing, and multiple live and on-line bidding options. This approach results in maximum returns for all the items we auction. We also aim to give our Bidders confidence when participating in our auctions. We achieve this thru accurate descriptions, quality photos, in-house shipping, multiple bidding options, and excellent customer service. We have a large world-wide customer base that continues to grow after every sale. Building on this approach, Milestone Auctions will continue to grow into a leader in the Auction Industry."

I'd been in communication with Liveauctioneers, and Catherine Saunders-Watson 
replied to my inquiry, and said that I might use the photos of Milestone Auctions.

I decided to take Catherine up on her great offer, and I went to the past auctions of Milestone Auctions. Lo and behold, I came across today's fantastic "discovery" of possibly one-of-a-kind
Hubley cast iron toy.

Below is the most-interesting story  behind the making of this toy:

Hubley cast iron Indian Armored "Bandit Chaser" Motorcycle. This particular bike is factory painted in battleship gray. The same gray Hubley used on the Elgin Street Sweeper. The other most unique difference is the removable armored shield has N.Y P.D. cast into it. All known examples of the Hubley Armored Motorcycle are painted red and have a shield with no markings. Story has it this bike was made as a Salesman Sample for Indian Motorcycles to sell the concept of Armored Motorcycles to the New York City Police Department. During the prohibition NYPD found themselves outgunned by Mobsters and Bootleggers. They needed a new style motorcycle to keep their officers safe. That's when the Bandit Chaser was introduced by Indian. 5 Bandit Chasers were produced by Indian in the late 1920s. Hubley soon followed offering the Indian Armored Motorcycle as a toy. The toy Motorcycle being offered is in original as found condition. There are no breaks or repairs. The paint is all factory with nice patina. The shield is all original and still has the mica windshield. This is a rare and wonderful piece of motorcycle history. This is the only known example!!

Hubley cast iron Indian Armored "Bandit Chaser" Motorcycle

Hubley had made similar cast iron motorcycles like this one, but this one had N.Y.P.D. impressed on the shield, and thus this one was unique!

The discovery of such a toy doesn't get any better than this. I have Catherine Saunders-Watson, and Milestone Auctions to thank for today's post and permissions. 

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