Monday, February 19, 2018

So That's What it Looked Like New!

Monday, February 19, 2018
Overcast with rain
6 C  42.8 F

So That's What 
it Looked Like!

I decided to visit Mr. Ron Michaud at his ebay store. He's one of the people who have helped me out over the years of my blog. Hie always has nice old toys, and in summer, you can tell their his toys from the way he photographs the, He uses his front porch railing to place his toys against his nicely-maintained front garden and lawn.

In winter, I assume, he photographs his toys indoors like the one below. As usual, I whitened the surrounding of the toy to focus more in it. Nevertheless, his photos on a neutral foundation and background are very good. As well, he always presents a lot of photos for each toy that he is selling.

I saw the restored to below, and decided to present it by itself. Ron also happens to have several more restored toys. Even though the toy has been restored, Ron has set a high price for the toy. 
I personally like the restored look, because I try and imagine how a 1930's child might have received this fine toy way back then. Even then , whatever the cost of the toy, it was expensive to buy then,  especially with the Great Depression going on in the world (1929-1941).

Whomever did the restoration did an excellent job, and the toy presents itself very well.
If you visit his ebay store, you'll be able to see other well-done restorations.

Vintage Keystone Packard Sprinkler Tank Truck
Pressed steel with brass radiator cap and rear sprinkler
Circa 1930's
Length: 25"  63.5 cm

So that's it for today's rainy day. 
Of course there is a bright side to today - it's warm and it's not snowing!

Thanks for dropping by,
And have a great day or evening.

Stacey Bindman

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