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The J. & E. Stevens Company (Mechanical Banks)

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The J. & E. Stevens Company
(Mechanical Banks)

John and Elisha Stevens  created their company in Cromwell, Connecticut (USA) in 1843. 
Like most cast iron companies of the time, the company cast-iron hardware such as hinges and locks, hammers and some cast iron toys.  The cast iron toys became so successful,that the company
decided to manufacture toys and mechanical banks. Eventually the J. & E. Stevens Company became the largest manufacturer of cast-iron toys in the U.S.A. *

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J. & E. Stevens Germania Exchange Cast Iron and Lead
Mechanical Bank
Circa 1880's
Place a coin on the goat's tail. Turn the faucet and the goat deposits
the coin in the bank and presents the depositor a glass of beer.
Height x Width:  7 3/4" x 5 3/4"  (198 mm x 145 mm)

J. & E. Stevens Boy Robbing Bird's Nest
Cast Iron Mechanical Bank
Raise the tree limb and place a coin in the slot.
Press the lever and as the limb falls, the coin disappears
Width x Height:  6" x 8"  152 mm x 203 mm

J. & E. Stevens Lion Hunter
Cast Iron Mechanical Bank
Ptented 1911
Cock the rifle, and place a coin in position.
Press the lever and the hunter shoots the coin at the lion
as the lion rears up and the coin deflects into the bank.
Height x Length:  7 3/4" x 10 1/2"  197 mm x 267 mm

J. & E. Stevens Cat & Mouse
cast Iron Mechanical Bank
Patented 1891
Place a coin in front of the  mouse and press the lever.
The coin falls into the bank as the cat appears to hold the mouse.
Width x Height:  5 1/2" x 8 1/2"   140 mm x 215 mm

J & E. Stevens Novelty 
Mechanical Bank
Open the door and place a coin on the tray of the teller.
Release and close the door to deposit the coin.

J. &  E. Stevens Boy Scout Camp
Cast Iron Mechanical Bank
Circa: 1917
Insert a coin at the top of the tent.
Press the lever, and the Scout raises the flag as the coin drops in the bank.
Height x Length:  153 mm x 242 mm

Many of these banks often do not have the lock or the metal trap
 to open the hole, at the bottom of the base of the bank.
This bank has one.

J. & E. Stevens  Eagle & Eaglets
Cast Iron Mechanical Bank with Original Wood Box
Circa 1883
Place a coin in the mother eagle's beak and press the lever.
The mother eagle leans forward as the eaglets rise from the nest crying for food.
Length x Height:   6 1/2" x 8"  165 mm x 203 mm

This bank has the original wood box that the bank came in.
Many mechanical banks that are found do not have their original boxes.

You might want to visit Dan Morphy on Liveauctioneers, because there are 
a  lot more mechanical banks that were sold in this particular auction.

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