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Smith-Miller Toys Revisited

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Smith-Miller Toys Revisited

Smith-Miller is a modern-day company that has produced large-sized models or toys, depending whether or not a child plays with them, or an adult collects them. They've been around since 1979, however, the original company was formed in 1954. Originally, the company was producing toys under the names "Smitty Toys" and "M.I.C.". These fine toys are 1/16 in scale  or from 16" - 25" (402 mm - 605 mm) depending upon the type of toy. The current owner (1979) is Mr. Fred Thompson who had bought these toys when he was a young boy. Originally, the original company produced only 2 trucks, but today, there are 48 different toys (models). The newer trucks all have serial numbers and are produced in limited editions. The trucks are hand-assembled, and one can even order parts for trucks should the toy or part of the toy break. THe cost of the new toys can range 
$ 995.00 - 1395.00 US dollars, and that includes shipping. For the budget-conscious person, the older versions of toys can be found on ebay or at toy auctions on Liveauctioneers. Prices for the "used" toys can range from $ 500.00 - $ 1200.00 US dollars.

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