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The Ives Toy Company

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The Ives Toy Company

The Ives Manufacturing Company (American) was a toy manufacturer from 1868-1932.
It was the largest manufacturer of toy trains in the United States from 1910-1924, whereupon the Lionel Corporation overtook it in sales. Initially, the company produced clockwork toys (wind-ups),
and by the 1880's was a leading manufacturer of these type of toys. However, there were many "copycat" manufacturers who reproduced their types of toys far less expensively. As a consequence, the company decided to focus on toy trains.The initial toy trains did not run on tracks. A fire in 1900 destroyed the entire factory and all of the patterns, parts and tools were destroyed. Upon the rebuilding of a new factory, the company decided to produce toy trains that ran on tracks. The Ives company was the first "O" gauge trains in the United States to run on fabricated sectional tracks that could be attached to each other in a circle or other patterns.*

Courtesy of Wikipedia*

Ives Locomotive, Tender and Queens Coach
Locomotive and tender length:  12" 305 mm

Ives #2 Locomotive and Brooklyn/Buffalo Passenger Cars
Locomotive and Tender Length: 9 1/2"  241 mm

Ives Electric Suburban Trolley
Length:  7 1/2"  191 mm

Ives No. 25 Locomotive and Cattle Car
O gauge locomotive & tender
Length:  14"  355 mm

Early Clockwork Ives Floor Locomotive
Length:  7"  178 mm

Early Ives 4-4-0 Locomotive Floor Train
Elephant Cage loco & tender
14"  355 mm

Ives Steam Freight Set
Circa 1913
64 Union box car, 67 caboose, 63 gondola, 66 tank
Length: 7"  178 mm

Ives Harvard/Yale Passenger Set with #17 Locomotive
Locomotive and Tender Length:  10 1/2"  266 mm

Lot of three Ives Tank Cars
Three Variations of the Ives 66 Standard Oil tank car.
Length:  5 1/2"

Boxed Ives ) Gauge # 3258 Locomotive Set
Locomotive length:  7"  178 mm

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