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Another Milestone - 500,000 Page-Views

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Another Milestone - 500,000 Page-Views

I hit the latest milestone last week and I'm happy and sad. I'm happy because I've hit the
500,000 mark of page-views, but sad that Google doesn't block what  is called "referrer spam".
Referrer spam is when someone uses a computer formula to "visit" my website 100's 
of times in a minute. Below are some screen-captures of these visits in the course of a day.

In all of the 3 images below, you can see high spikes in the graph. These are
the referrer spam visits. Normally, the graph has an even distribution and heights
of the spikes. It's just not possible to have 40 visitors in a span of 3 minutes!
I've written to Google forums, but th

ey don't  or can't 
The good news t
Below is a screen-capture on February 11, 2018
The "pages all time history" is at 502,377.
Of course those "spikes" are the results of the referrer spam.
So in all honesty, I probably have to discount 50,000 referrer spam views,
and the legitimate views are only probably 450,000 or less.

Below are 5 blog posts that are very popular. They're not the best in terms of how they look, and the different colours on the page. Also, several of the posts were ones in which I used my own toys that I purchased on ebay. In the last couple of years, I've been using individual people and auctioneers' photos. Nevertheless, readers have been attracted to these 5 posts.

1.  The Era of Cast Iron Motorcycles                 Click Here            7270 page-views
2.  An Arcade Cast Iron Chrysler Airflow Car   Click Here           7254 page-views
3.  The Smith-Miller Toy Line                             Click Here           6017 page-views
4.  Manoil Toys                                                     Click Here           3540 page-views
5.  The Cedar Rapids Rock Crusher                    Click Here          2809 page-views

I would like to thank everybody for visiting my blog.

An Invitation to All

Everyone is always invited to send me their biography and their toy photos so that
I can write a post about you and your toys.  All I need are well-photographed toys.
To do this pick a soft lighting such as fluorescent lighting or skylight (not sunlight).
Use something white on the shadow side to add light in the shadows.
Send me photos of at least 6" x 8" @ 144 dpi.

So thanks again for visiting my blog
and have a great part of the day or night.

Stacey Bindman

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