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The Steelcraft Company Revisited

Sunday, February 4, 2018
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The Steelcraft Company Revisited

Everone usually associated the Steelcraft Company with small pressed steel toy vehicles such as cars and trucks. However, the company was also famous for large-sized pedal cars, which you can see below.  The company existed from the 1920's - 1940's. 

"Toys were made by Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co., a Cleveland firm that opened in 1919 to make parts for that recent invention, the automobile. By 1923, Murray also was making toy cars using the steel and production methods it used to manufacture full-size car parts. The toys were marketed as Steelcraft Wheel Goods. This diversity helped Murray survive the Depression. The company’s pedal cars, airplanes, coaster wagons, bicycles and smaller wheeled toys were marked “Steelcraft,” the identification seen by today’s collector." *
* Citation:

All of the pedal-cars below are from the late Mr. Donald Kaufmann's exceptional collection of fine toys. The link above is for Bertoiaauctions on Liveauctioneers. However, you can also visit the Bertoia Auctions directly at their own website (

Steelcraft Dugan Bros. Delivery truck
Very rare, and best known example
Electric lights and rubber tires.
Provenance:  Donald Kaufmann
Circa: 1934
Length:  18 1/2"  470 mm

Steelcraft "Auburn" Super Charger Pedal Car
Pressed steel with rubber pneumatic wheels (tires)
Circa: 1930's
Length:  48"  1.22 M

Steelcraft Hupmobile Pedal Car
3-colour scheme model, pressed steel, headlights,
with windshield an ornaments.
Circa: 1932
Length:  45"  1.14 M

Steelcraft "Spirit of America" Pedal Airplane
Nickeled  steering wheel with decals on wings and sides,
reading "Spirit of America", rubber tires.
Length:  52"  1.32 M 

Steelcraft Chrysler Pedal Car
Painted yellow and black, well appointed with nickeled lights,
horn and fender mounted lights, simulated fold-down top, dashboard decals,
Equipped with every imaginable accessory such as handbrake, searchlight, and horn.
Circa: 1933
Length:  50"  1.27 M

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