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Casabattiloro (D is for Detail)

Saturday,  February 3, 2016
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(D is for Detail)

Recently, I've been searching for a model that could exemplify the fine detail that 21st century
technology can produce for models. For those who don't know, a model is an almost exact reproduction of a "real" item such as a ship, airplane, car, truck , or like today - racing cars.
The reason was to illustrate just how small pieces can today be manufactured. I mentioned years ago a company called Hubley, which in the 1960's produced build-it-yourself models that were exceptional. The Pocher kits came with sometimes 600 pieces, and it took weeks and weeks to assemble. The only toys that I ever found from the early 20th century, were the toy ships produced in Germany. These were exceptional toys for that time period. If you go to the liveauctioneers  website or Bertoia Auctions, you will see these models of yesteryear.

However, the models that Casabattiloro sells on ebay are even finer! They have more metallic parts
and the model comes assembled already. There are some parts, such as the tires on rims, that can actually come off. Otherwise, people collect these fine models to collect, especially if they are fans of racing.

Casabattiloro sells these fine models that are manufactured by exoto inc.

A mint-in-box, numbered and limited edition model of  1961 Ferrari Dino
165/65 F1 Sharknose
GP of Belgium at Spa
65 degree V6 engine
1:18 scale
More than 1800 intricate and precision parts

As you can see, the photos are terrific and were most likely taken by a professional photographer.
What's more interesting is the  fine detail of the small parts of this racing car! I've kept the size of these photos the same as on the Casabattiloro website, and they are very large, 
when you click on the images. This car is a 1:18 scale, meaning that the car is 1/18 the size of the original car. At 1:18 scale, this is a large model! Most of the parts are metal, except for the wiring and tires, which are rubber.Even better is the fact that the model comes pre-assembled.

Don't forget to visit the websites of  Casabattiloro and exoto inc.,
because you certainly won't be disappointed. And, you can get up close 
to these models,  unlike real racers where you have to stand back!

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